Infinix X2 laptop specifications of the are perfect for those of you who crave a classy laptop at a low price. As the next generation of Inbox X1, laptop manufacturers from China have also upgraded their new series, namely Infinix X2.

Infinix X2 Laptop Specifications Worth Considering

Infinix X2 Laptop Specifications

Will not be disappointed to own the Infinix X2. The device is getting more and more popular not because of the Infinix brand name. However, the laptop specs are really fierce and stunning compared to its predecessor. Do you want to know the explanation?

Looks more elegant and stylish, Infinix X2 has 4 variants of bright colors but seems calm. You can choose Infinix X2 in red, blue, green, or gray.

Infinix X2 is a laptop with various innovative features. This innovative support is thanks to the ultralight metal body and professional full color. This is what makes the product seem exclusive.

The Infinix X2 laptop with a contemporary style comes with a weight of 1.24 kg. It won’t make you bother carrying it anywhere you want. Although lightweight, but the body design is quite sturdy.


Armed with an IPS panel with FHD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 along with 100% RGb, making Infinix X2 right as a mainstay for multitasking activities. This is because of the support of a reference rate of 60 Hz. This is good news for students and office workers.

The panel size is 14 inches. As for the aspect ratio, the brightness level can reach 300 nits with a ratio of 16: 9.


Shifting to performance, the Infinix X2 is armed with a 10th-gen Intel CPU in three versions. The three CPU versions include Core i3-1005G1, Core i5-1035G1, and Core i7-1065G7.

In accordance with the price being quite expensive, the device will provide high performance. You can rely on multitasking activities.

Device performance is also supported by Thunderbolt 3 technology, smart system acceleration, and more. Another advantage of the Infinix X2 processor is that it is able to provide wireless connectivity so that it can operate as much as possible.

This performance also gets support from the RAm memory aspect, which is 4 GB DDR4 type. The access speed is 3,200 MHz.

As for graphic design features, Infinix X2 relies on Intel UHD Graphics G1. As an entry-level laptop, Infinix X2 really has stunning performance.


Normal usage of the device is for 11 hours. In detail, the laptop battery has a capacity of 4 cells 50 Whr.

Thanks to fast charging support, the battery will be charged by 70% within 1 hour. This is because the device is based on Power Delivery 3.0 with 45 watts of power.

If you want to have a laptop to support the right daily activities, the Infinix X2 laptop specifications of the Infinix X2 laptop are worth considering. Just prepare a budget of around Rp 5.9 million, and you can bring it home. This is if you are interested in the Inbook X2 intel core i3.