The Yoga Book 9i laptop that was recently released is a multifunctional device with advanced ultrabook technology. Lenovo’s latest advanced laptop will enliven the world market in June 2023.

Lenovo offers laptops as per the needs of users. Lenovo Ideapad, Thinkpad, Legion, and Thinkbook. Especially for gamers, Lenovo released the Yoga series.

Yoga Book 9i Laptop Multifunctional Device with Ultrabook Technology

Specs Yoga Book 9i Laptop

Technological advances bring people to pour their creativity more optimally. Especially for content creators, this is very profitable. For those of you who want to show expressive potential in yourself, you need the appropriate device.

Lenovo gives you what you need. Really? Of course, because the laptop comes with good specs.


Before deciding to buy a laptop, the main consideration is to see how kicking the performance is. In this case, the performance of the Yoga 9i laptop is beyond doubt

Immersing the 13th generation Intel Core i7 – U15 processor, Yoga Book 9i laptop performance is more powerful. Moreover, the presence of Intel Iris Xe GPU support, makes the device has high-speed. Users like to get a new experience.

When using it to play games, the device will work optimally. You can play without any lag. Even playing AA games feels much lighter.

Users can also rely on creating creator content much easier. Now, designing and building files no matter how complex it is not a problem. The detailed image output is amazing. Most impressive is the encoding performance of the device.


The most notable improvement of the Yoga Book 9i laptop is on the screen. Carrying a dual OLED PureSight screen with support for 100% DCI – P3 color accuracy, it will create a stunning black color display. While the ultra-wide display will come with a better level of brightness and contrast.

The existence of dual screens will help creators complete their activities. In addition to multitasking, users can view various files from both windows simultaneously.

The dual OLED display measures 14 inches. The device’s UHD display has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. While the device’s IPS touchscreen technology display resolution is 3,840 x 2,160. Both get a touch of Intel Core i7 Gen 11 processor.

In detail, the screen brightness resolution is 400 nits, refresh rate 60 Hz, color accuracy 100% DCI – P3, and Dolby Vision HDR. So the image quality is clearer.

Luxury Display

Turning to the body, Yoga Book 9i is genuine leather. This makes the device look luxurious. Not to mention that the bottom of the keyboard frame comes from glass.


The battery power of the laptop is quite long. When using just one screen, this 80 WHr laptop battery can last up to 14 hours in normal use. Whereas when you use both screens, the device can last for 10 hours.

The weight of the Yoga Book 9i laptop is not too heavy, which is around 1.38 kg with a thickness of 15.95 mm so you will have no trouble carrying it anywhere. It’s not too late to put it on your device’s grocery list. Even if it is ready, the budget is around Rp 32 million.