Microsoft Surface Go is a laptop launched by Microsoft that provides many features in it. Talking about laptops will never end. Due to the increasingly advanced times and technology, many world manufacturers are competing to launch laptop products.

Not to forget, too, manufacturers from Microsoft. Surely already familiar with Microsoft. Where they are known by many people in this world. They are famous for making laptop products with the latest updated features.

Therefore, every product launch can sweep the global market. Microsoft’s flagship product itself is the Surface Go laptop, where this type not only looks attractive but also comes with a different feel. Therefore, many people are eyeing this laptop.

Microsoft Surface Go Can Be Used For Laptops And Tablets

The Sophisticated and Smart Microsoft Surface Go Laptop

Microsoft Surface Go is a type of laptop that comes with an anti-fuss touchscreen and can accompany your daily activities. You can try to feel the sophistication of this laptop when buying and using it.

This laptop from Microsoft, you can use 2 in 1, meaning it can be used as a tablet and laptop. This device comes with a lightweight. Because of that, it makes it easier for you to carry it everywhere.

It is very suitable to be carry when traveling. In terms of this laptop battery, it can last a very long time, so you don’t have to worry about it running out in the middle of work. In addition, the keyboard that is presented is also very easy to operate.

Quality performance

The reason many people buy and use this laptop is because it provides many advantages. One of them is that it supports NFC connectivity and can accommodate up to 1 TB.

So this laptop is the choice of high-mobility business workers. Storage is also stable and okay because it provides 8 GB of RAM. So you can store anything well.

As for the color of this laptop, it comes in ice blue, sandstone, or platinum. This laptop is made with high-quality materials, namely aluminum top, polycarbonate resin, and glass fiber base.

Superior And Complete Specifications

The Surface Go laptop from Microsoft comes equipped with the Windows 10 operating system with an Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor. This laptop has a light size with a weight of 1.15 kg and compact size that has a thickness of 8.3 mm, and an intuitive 10-inch touch screen.

Interestingly, it is also equip with Intel UHD graphics with WiFi 16 connectivity and Bluetooth version 5.0. The camera has a resolution of 720P. This laptop also provides good security, because it already has a fingerprint reader in the power button.

Microsoft Surface Go is a sophisticated laptop that you must have to make it easier to complete all work, both for school and even work every day.