Acer P214 series can be a reliable choice product for all purposes, both for business and other work. Everything is made easier because of the improved performance of the Travelmate P214.

The design and body are sturdier and are designed sustainably. In addition to being the right choice to get work done, the video conferencing experience is even better. It’s not wrong if Acer is included in the ranks of the best laptops at low prices for small businesses.

Acer P214 Series Cheap Laptop God-Classy Specs

Features and Specifications of Acer P214 Series

As a popular brand that produces reliable laptops, Acer always provides improvements to its latest generation. This time Acer introduced the P214 series.

A blend of hardware, intuitive design, and apps with functionality. Want to know what are the key specs and features?


P214 series comes with a compact design, more precisely an ultra-slim design. With a weight of 1.7 kg. The dimensions of the product are 328 mm x 236 mm x 19.9 mm.

As the initial explanation was that the Acer P214 series was designed for sustainability. The point is that the material forming the device is PCR plastic, which is an ocean glass touchpad derived from marine debris plastic.

It can be interpreted that the packaging material is 100% recycled. Despite this, the durability of the MIL-STD 810H military-grade guarantee device and IO port are more formidable.

Battery Capacity

With a battery life of up to 13 hours and fast charging features, you are free to take your device anywhere, even traveling out of town. Cash will work on 45 watts of power with an AC adapter.

Security Features

Do you crave a device that can provide data security and comfort while working? It’s not wrong to choose the P214 series.

The laptop Acer P214 series has supporting security features in the form of a fingerprint reader and IR camera to ensure the login remains safe. The device also has TPM 2.0 and features multi-touch complete with touch pads. Concerned about data security, P214 also provides the risk of unauthorized data access by immersing additional lens covers.


Offering performance to support any need, P214 supports 2 memory slots. In addition to having 512GB SSD support, the laptop also features 8 GB DDR4 memory. This makes users can rely on laptops to accommodate various files.


Shifting to performance, the Acer P214 series is powered by 13th generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 complete with NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 2050 GPU. This combination helps maximize processor performance so that P214 performance is even faster.

To keep performance consistent without problems, P214 has the Acer Dust Defender feature, which is a feature that helps reduce dust accumulation on the device.

If you are looking for a laptop that supports video conferencing activities more optimally, the Acer P214 series is still the number. This is thanks to the presence of an FHD webcam complete with HDR and TNR functions. In environments with any lighting conditions, images are sharper. So, still, want to miss it?